Thursday, October 6, 2016

Smashbox Review: Eye Products

I've only really heard people talk about Smashbox primers and their liquid lipsticks. I knew those products were amazing, but what about everything else? I decided to try out several eye products and see if they were just as good as their other raved about products.

I thought this mascara was going to be a huge bust since the brush is so massive. But surprisingly, it doesn't get all over your eye and your eyelashes don't get clumpy. This has been my go to mascara the past couple weeks because it gives you long, natural looking lashes. Don't expect to get tons of volume with this, it doesn't give a false lash affect. But trust me, this mascara is perfect for every day use. 

I have really oily eyelids and every eyeshadow primer I've tried, made my oily eyelids even worse. My eyeshadow would be gross and creased within a half hour. But there is something magical about this stuff. It makes my eyelids completely matte and my eyeshadow does not budge at all. It doesn't give you any coverage though, which is a little sad. You can still see your veins after applying it but it's so worth it. 
Word of the wise, this doesn't come off with make up wipes, you need a waterproof make up remover it get it off.

These eyeshadows were a hit and miss. All were decently pigmented but the lightest color is really chalky. You can still make it work and they all blend very nicely, so that's a plus. I really like having them in a trio because it's perfect for travel and on the go. I personally don't think it's worth $28 but if you can find them on sale or in a set, you won't be disappointed.

I've told so many people about how amazing these eyeliners are. They're very pigmented, don't smudge and there's a sharpener built into the lid, so every time you screw the lid back on, the pencil gets sharpened. I don't use the black one very often because I like putting the brown on the lower lash line since it's not as harsh. They don't apply very well to the waterline though, which is really disappointing. That's honestly the only con I have with this product, other than that they're really great.

Lexi Rachelle

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