Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Easy DIY Fall Decor

I've been so crazy busy with school and work lately that I haven't had much time to write up a blog post. I was planning on doing some fun DIY fall decor but I only ended up making one of them. But all of these are found on Pinterest and are extremely cute!

This is so simple yet so cute! The best part about it, is that it's way easy to make! They even made a video tutorial for those of us that are terrible at figuring out what to do with just pictures.

Stick Candle Holder

I couldn't find that website this came from but I've been in love with this idea for so long now. I saw something similar to this at Anthropologie but it was stupid expensive. All you need to make your own is sticks, an empty candle container. and hot glue. 

Glitter Acorns

Another super cute and simple idea. Once again I couldn't find the website but I have seen similar things on Etsy if you'd rather purchase them than make them. They might be a little messy to make but then you could make sure it's exactly what you want. 

This is one of my favorite fall DIYs I've ever seen. It's the perfect way to bring fall into your house. All you need is artificial leaves (You can find them at the Dollar Tree), glue, glitter, and ribbon.

This is the one DIY I actually made and it turned out so stinking cute! Me and my friend, Alisha, made these together and it was surprisingly easy. I linked the original website above and the pictures they show look a little complicated but it's a lot easier then it seems. 

Here's how mine turned out. Don't mind the cobwebs above, just mixing fall and Halloween home decor :)

And here's how Alicia's turned out! Make sure to head over to her blog, TheMarriedStudentLife.blogspot.com and check out her other awesome posts!

Lexi Rachelle

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