Thursday, October 13, 2016

OOTD- Winterize Your Summer Dress

I absolutely love fall fashion, but I really hate when I have to start putting all my cute summer dresses away for the season. So why not convert them for the cold months?! Here are a few tips and tricks to wear your summer dresses in the fall.

First off, you need a good pair of leggings. This is an absolute must! I wear them all the time in the fall and winter, especially under dress or longer shirts. I suggest investing in a good pair because you'll practically be living in them.

The second thing you'll be needing is a cute pair of boots. I hate wearing flats or converse with leggings because I don't like seeing where the leggings end. I want them to have more of a tights affect than pants. So boots are the perfect solution! Get a good pair that will go with several different outfits so you'll get a lot of use out of them.

The last staple you need is a jacket. I'd suggest getting a bomber or a moto jacket because they go with almost anything. They can dress up an outfit or make it more casual. I wear tons of black during the fall and winter so of course I have a black bomber jacket that is so warm and comfy. This is another item you'll want to invest in since you always need a jacket when heading out.

Dress: Target (Similar)
Bomber Jacket: Wet Seal (Similar)
Leggings: Michael Kors (Alternative)
Leopard Belt: Boutique (Similar)
Combat Boots: Forever Young Shoes (Similar)
Purse: Michael Kors (Similar) (Alternative)

Lexi Rachelle

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