Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lipcolor Review

Maybelline is one of my all time favorite drugstore brands. I probably own more things from them than anyone else. So when Influenster offered to send me a couple of their Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Colors to test out, I was all in.

I've been trying to find a good drugstore liquid lipstick that not only stayed put for a long time, but also didn't transfer. My problem with drugstore liquid lipsticks is that they either really dry out your lips or they crack and chunk off. I was about to give up on my search, until I tried the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour. I received two colors, Constant Toast and Keep Up The Flame. Sadly these both aren't amazing colors and honestly, feel like completely different products.

You're supposed to apply the lipstick, let it completely dry for about 2 minutes, and then apply the balm to lock in moisture. They even have numbers on the back to tell which to apply first. You need to make sure to apply them exactly like it tells you to or else it won't last on your lips at all.

Constant Toast is a nude pink color with shimmer in it. First off, I don't like shimmer in a liquid lipstick, especially when it's a light nude color. It looks like a cheap kids lipgloss. Unfortunately, the color applies extremely patchy and chunky. No matter how many times I tried to work this product, it just looked terrible. The color was also way to light for my skin tone, it looked almost florescent on my lips. Even my husband, who doesn't know a thing about make up, thought it looked terrible. Dont be fooled by the picture, it does not look the even in person.
Overall this color was a complete bust.

Keep Up The Flame is a whole other story! It is so incredibly pigmented that you only need to apply one coat. It goes on smoothly, doesn't look chunky and lasted for 7+ hours. I will say, the applicator is very hard to work with. It's seriously massive and that makes it difficult to get a precise line, which is kind of important when working with a dark red color. Also, I dont know if it's just me, but this stuff gets all over my teeth. While waiting for it to dry, I keep my mouth open because if you put your lips together, the stickiness will pull chunks off. This results in lipstick getting on my side teeth. So after I apply the balm, I have to brush my teeth to get the color off. That's definitely the worst quality about this product.

You do need to work quickly when applying because it does set pretty fast. After it sets, it feel very sticky when you put your lips together, but you're supposed to apply the lip balm it comes with and that eliminates the stickiness immediately. As long as you reapply the balm every few hours, your lips never feel overly dry. I did notice that if you try to apply a fresh coat of the lipstick a few hours into wearing it, the color starts to chunk off. It's very strange, it like won't stick to your lips at all. 

The Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Colors seem like a hit and miss. Keep Up The Flame is my new favorite red and I'll be rocking it all winter long but Constant Toast was terrible. I really want to try out a few other colors and see how they apply but for now, I'd stick with the dark reds.

Lexi Rachelle

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