Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June Favorites

I can't believe it is already July! This summer has seriously been flying by. Before we know it, it'll be autumn time, which is my absolute favorite time of year! This month I just kept everything really simple and light since it's been so hot here in Utah. 

My first two favorites of the month are hair care products. I have really thick, dry, frizzy hair so when I use any type of heat it really gets damaged and quite frizzy. For a while I thought it was hopeless and I would never find a product to help control my crazy hair. That is until I found these two amazing products! My main concern was spending a lot of money on hair care products. I'm a poor married college student that doesn't have the budget to splurge on high end hair care items. So to say I was excited about these two things is a bit of an understatement. The first is L'Oreal Paris Eversleek Precious Oil Treatment. It is, unfortunately, not sold in stores any longer but is still available on amazon. I've been using this product for at least two years now and absolutely love it. I apply this to my damp hair right before I blow dry to keep some of the moisture locked in there. It makes a world of a difference in my tangle-prone hair! The second is Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Conditioner. This product is so inexpensive and I cannot believe it! It is amazing. It smells so good and makes your hair so incredibly soft. I put this in my hair after I've finished blow drying my hair or whenever I use heat. It tames the frizziness and makes my hair look healthier. 

Next up on the list of favorites are two eye products. My eyelids tend to be really oily so I need a product that will really stay there all day without getting rubbed off. The first product is Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has had a lot of mixed reviews and honestly, my opinion of it is a bit mixed as well. Some colors are absolutely beautiful whereas others have very little pigmentation. The light shades are the worst of the bunch, so I tend to stay away from those, but the browns are amazing. My all time favorite shade is the second on the top going from right to left. It's this perfect taupe color that is great for all over the lid or for the crease to give your eye a little dimension. I constantly reached for this palette just for that color. The next product is Covergirl TruNaked Waterproof Eyeliner Duo. I have the Mocha/Ebony pencil and use it every single day. It's a great eyeliner pencil for your tightline and waterline. It stays on all day long and is extremely pigmented. The only problem I've had with it, is that during the summer I have allergies and I tend to sneeze a lot. When my eyes squeeze shut from sneezing, sometimes a little eyeliner from the tightline can transfer to underneath my eyes. Which can be very frustrating!! But during every other time of the year this product is wonderful.

Both of these products are for skin care and they're great. The first being an anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath and Body Works in the scent Raspberry Pink Peony. I couldn't find it on the site but I did find it on amazon although it's a bit pricey. This hand gel smells so good! Like oh my gosh. I would just put it on to smell it. And the scent lasts for hours! I was never a big hand sanitizer person but this product has changed that for me. Plus I've been using this all month and you can barely even tell. The L'Oreal Revitalift Volume Filler Cream has been my go to face moisturizer. It's so thick and smooth that is makes your skin feel and look amazing. I got this is my Target Beauty Box last month and I go into a bit more detail over on that post.  

This is my last beauty favorite of the month and it's a perfume. Fantasy by Britney Spears is an oldie but still remains one of my regular favorite perfumes. It's a very sweet scent, almost like candy, that I think is perfect for the summertime. I had been reaching for this almost every day during the month of June.

The only fashion favorite this month are these adorable sandals. They're from Payless Shoes and are extremely affordable. They're one of the comfiest pair of sandals I own and they go with so many different outfits. Honestly, I probably wear these almost any day! No shame. I even wore these in my Casual Summer Dress post.

This wouldn't be a monthly favorites without mentioning what tv show I've been loving. It's a two way tie between Revenge and Gilmore Girls. I've been a long time fan of Gilmore Girls and started rewatching them in preparation of the revival airing, hopefully, sometime this year. I just started watching Revenge about halfway through the month and have not stopped since. I'm now in the middle of season 2 and just can't get enough. IT IS SO GOOD. I'm a little sad it only has four seasons and I've heard really bad things about the last two seasons. Apparently it gets pretty weird, but I'm hoping I still love it as much as I do now. If you haven't seen either of these two shows, you need to start watching them like now. Luckily you're able to stream both on Netflix.

Last but not least, my favorite YouTuber/Blogger of the month is KathleenLights. She is so cute and hilarious. I'm always laughing and smiling when I watch her videos. And she's crazy good at make up, it's insane.

Well that's it for my June Favorites! Hope you guys enjoyed and make sure to let me know down in the comments what your June favorites were!

Lexi Rachelle

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