Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Walmart Beauty Box - Summer 2016

Walmart has a beauty box subscription that is only $5! This is by far the cheapest subscription box I've ever had. The only down side is that it ships once a season, or every three months. Of course it has products that are more every day and much cheaper than what you'd receive in a Birchbox.

The Cost: $5, Seasonally

The Products:

The actual pattern I received is okay. It's not my favorite one I've ever seen but still wearable. I'm just grateful I didn't get a super bright colorful one that looks like it was made for a five year old. I've never used nail strips before this and I was quite excited to test them out before buying some of my own. 

I've never been a big self tanner before. Mostly because when I was in middle school I got a little heavy handed while applying and my legs were orange for a week. Since then I've steered clear of self tanners but I decided it was time to give them another shot!

My hair is so picky about what shampoo and conditioner I use. It tangles so incredibly easy and poofs up like a lions mane. I try to use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically for color treated hair. These samples are said to be not only for colored hair but they're also fast drying and a gloss serum.

Who doesn't love lotion samples?! They're so perfect to throw in your bag, the car or in your nightstand. This is about the most basic lotion you could have. Doesn't really have a smell and moisturizes your hands, what else could you ask for?

I love travel sized toothpaste! It's so great for traveling, even if you're just going home for the weekend or visiting your in-laws. I will definitely be using this on our trip to Illinois this August. 

I received this back in Spring of 2015 in a Walmart beauty box but I don't really mind. It's a good smelling perfume and I was able to give it to my sister. When you receive repeat offenders, just gift them to your family and friends!

Also a repeat offender, but who can have too many hair elastics?? I am constantly losing them or breaking them so no complaints here. These elastics are magical I swear! They work so well and hold my thick hair in place all day.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water- .135 oz $0.11
I've been very curious about what exactly micellar water is. Honestly I thought it looked like a waste of money. Spending $5+ on water.. like why? But I'm very happy I received a sample of this! Now I can finally see if this stuff actually makes a difference. Plus it includes a $1 off coupon, so if I do end up really liking it I'll be able to pick one up with a bit of a discount.

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion- .31 oz $0.18
I've gotten SO many samples of this stuff! Just about anytime you buy a Nivea product, they give you a sample of this. The sad thing is, I've never used any of them. I think the idea of this product is really cool but I just always forget to put them in my shower. I really need to though because the reviews for it are fantastic! Everyone says it's really easy to use and makes your skin really soft.

Box Value: $16.34

Even though the products might not be as exciting as an Ipsy or Birchbox, you definitely get your moneys worth! I would say the $5 price tag is pretty great and it was over a $16 value. If you have $5 laying around, I would recommend giving this box a shot!

Lexi Rachelle

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