Thursday, December 8, 2016

10 Ways to Get Into The Christmas Spirit

There's a lot of hype around the holiday season and when it finally rolls around, it can be hard to get into the Christmas Spirit. For me, I have unrealistic expectations about how Christmas is going to be that year and that tends to bring down my mood overall. So I have come up with ten different ways to get you pumped for this Christmas season and help you remember what it's really all about!

Decorate Your Room

First up on the list is to decorate! It can be so much fun to decorate with your friends or family and it definitely gets you excited for Christmas. And it doesn't have to be your room, it can be anything really. Me and my husband spend most of our time in the living room, so I focus on making that a winter wonderland.

Display a Nativity Scene
It's so important to remember what this season is all about and what better way to do that than display a nativity scene. We can get so caught up in presents and buying things, that we forget that we're celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Burn Christmas Candles
I love having candles all year round, but Christmas time is one of my favorites. All of the scents are cozy and welcoming so you never want to leave your house! Plus a certain scent can bring back wonderful memories of past Christmases.

Make a Festive Treat
I love baking during the holidays and it's such a fun thing to do with my husband. My all time favorite treat to make is sugar cookies. Every year we decorate our sugar cookies and watch White Christmas. It's a really fun holiday tradition and if we have any extra cookies, it makes for an awesome neighbor gift!

Listen To Christmas Music
This one is a no brainer but I still have to mention it. Listening to Christmas music is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get into the Christmas Spirit. I personally love the classics best because they just portray Christmastime. 

Decorate a Mini Christmas Tree
Putting a mini Christmas tree in your room is another great way to bring the holiday spirit into your space. Most people have a normal Christmas tree in their living room but there's just something about mini things that make them so much better.

Go Christmas Light Hunting
One of me and my husband's favorite thing to go together is to drive around looking for the best Christmas lights. It's so much fun oooing and awwing at all the pretty light displays and finding better ones each year.

Make a Holiday Craft
There are so many awesome ideas on Pinterest and I always pin them but never get around to actually doing them. So why not try out one of those adorable DIY's you've had on your Christmas board for months now.

Watch Christmas Movies
So many Christmas movies, so little time. Some of my favorite are White Christmas, The Santa Claus, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. They never fail to get me into the holiday spirit, especially with a yummy Christmas treat!

Make a List Of The Christmas Gifts You're Giving
I love writing down the gifts I plan on giving to everyone. It not only keeps me organized, but it also helps me focus on others instead of myself. This is the season of giving and we should make it a priority to give the people we love the best Christmas we possibly can. 

I hope this list gave you some ideas to get into the Christmas spirit and how to spend this holiday season. 

Lexi Rachelle

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