Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Black Friday Haul

It's so hard for me to say no to a good sale and Black Friday weekend is my ultimate weakness. This is when I try to get everyone's presents for Christmas so I don't have to worry about it later. And of course I get a few things for myself as well. :)

Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle
This is techincally not for me, but for my husband. It's his big Christmas present but he knows about it because I wanted to make sure he got the exact one he wanted because dang they're expensive. But he ended up really like this matte gray version and the only place you're able to find it is at Walmart.

Don't mind the strange red lighting.. I have no idea why my camera did that.
Arrow Season 1
I'm obsessed with buying tv series, especially when they're on sale for $10 or less. Arrow is one of mine and my husband's favorite shows to watch together. So when it was on Amazon for $6.99, I couldn't pass it up!

Vampire Diaries Season 7
I buy Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars every single Black Friday because they're always so expensive any other time of the year. The sad thing is I haven't even finished season 6 of Vampire Diaries but I already bought season 7! And you better believe I'll buy season 8 next year.

Pretty Little Liars Season 6
Like I said above, I buy the newest season of Pretty Little Liars every year. It's one of my all time favorite shows and you never know when Netflix will take it off their site.

The Flash Season 1
This is another one of mine and my husband's favorite shows to watch together. It's so much easier keeping up on the series you want to own, instead of having to buy a ton of them all at once. So of course I just had to get this.

Once Upon A Time Seasons 1-3
My sister actually gave these to me because some how she ended up with two sets of them. I was happy to take them off her hands! I couldn't believe they were already airing season 6 and I hadn't managed to get any of them yet. I think I have a little obsession with tv series...

The Jungle Book
This has to be one of my all time favorite movies to come out this year and when I saw it on sale, I had to get it. I may buy tv series quite often but I rarely buy movies. So when I like a movie enough to own it, it's kind of a big deal.

TARTE Intro To Tarte Deluxe Discovery Set
This was one of the Sephora Black Friday specials so unfortunately I can't link it for you. But it's one of my favorite make up purchases. I've heard amazing things about the Tarte Amazionian Clay Blushes but I haven't had the chance to own any yet. The one that came in the kit is called Unstoppable and its absolutely gorgeous. It's seriously the perfect blush for me and can even double as a contour if you don't feel like putting on a lot of make up.

SEPHORA Wonderful Cushion Matte Lip Creme in Wonderful Rosy
The only reason I purchased this was to get me to the $25 mark so I could get a free deluxe sample with my order. It was on sale for $5 so I thought, what the heck! It actually turned out to be really good and I quite enjoy it. It isn't a rosy shade though, which is a little disappointing, and it's more of a bright pink so I'll have to wait until the spring to get good use out of it.

This is one of my all time favorite perfumes and I've mentioned it on several occasions. But this cute deluxe sized bottle was free with my purchase and I'm in love with how adorable it is. Plus it of course smells amazing.

URBAN DECAY Primer Potion
Ulta had an awesome sale on Urban Decay's Primer Potion with it only being $8 instead of $20. That's a killer deal! I already love the Smashbox 24 hour eyeshadow primer but I've always wanted to try the Primer Potion. So I figured now was my chance! Now I can see which one works the best.

I've been having my eye on the mini Hula bronzer from Benefit for quite a while now and it costs $15. This entire set included the full sized They're Real mascara, the mini Hula bronzer and a mini High Beam all for $15. That pays for the bronzer right there and the other two products are bonus!

ULTA BEAUTY Lip Liner Love
I had a $10 off coupon for Ulta and had been really wanting to try out different lip liners. This set originally cost $14 so I only paid $4 for it. It comes with 5 different twist up lip liners in a range of colors. The one thing I was disappointed about was the fact that it doesn't have a red.

COLOURPOP Puppy Love Eyeshadow
I get emails from Colourpop whenever they get new products or they have a sale and when I got the email about their two new eyeshadows dedicated to dogs and cats I about died. All the proceeds from the purchase of either the Puppy Love or Cat Nap eyeshadows goes to the Best Friends Animal Society and their NKLA effort to Save Them All. I couldn't resist a chance to get an adorable eyeshadow and help out the puppies.

TOO FACED Melted Metal in Tutu
I actually found this at TJ Maxx for only $6 and I couldn't resist. The color is beautiful and very wearable, although I will have to wait until the spring time to start wearing it. I love everything from Too Faced. All their products have the cutest packaging and they smell so dang good. Their melted lipsticks that are in the tube smell EXACTLY like My Little Ponies to me. Seriously, go smell one.

And that's everything I got over Black Friday weekend besides a few gifts for the family! 

Lexi Rachelle

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