Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sephora Play vs Ipsy - December 2016

I seriously get so excited when I get these bags in the mail. It's definitely the best part of the month! It's also my all time favorite post to write and the most popular. Which subscription do you think will win this month?

Sephora killed it this month with the bag. It's so different than their others and such a huge improvement. I might actually use this one!

This month's theme was The Partygoers. I loved how pretty and girly the theme was.

This is a beautiful blue red is perfect for the holiday season. I'm not really that happy about the size of this. I have nothing against Sephora brand products but when I get a larger size of the Smashbox liquid lipstick, it's saying something.

I like getting mascara samples because that's something I'll always use plus this is from an awesome brand.

I'm very happy that this isn't a moisturizer! I would take a primer over a moisturizer any day of the week. 

Everyone loves this product and I'm happy they included such a great brand but I already have this so I just wasn't super excited about it. 

My favorite hair care product to get is dry shampoo. I love trying different brands and this one has a great reputation! And is smells amazing.

I've smelled Bourbon and now Rose and both are not great. I was not impressed with either one, so I'll be passing this on.

I'm not a huge fan of the bag this month. I had originally thought it was red but it's actually bright pink. The bag could be really cute but it's made of this cheap, gross fur. It would've been so much better if it was felt.

This. Is. Perfection. I'm in love with this color and the finish. Not only does it look beautiful when it's first applied, it leaves an amazing stain after the gloss has worn off.

I'm so glad I got this shade out of all the ones they sent out. It's definitely the most wearable and it's beautiful. If you haven't swatched any of these, you seriously need to! It's so creamy and pigmented, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I haven't had the chance to use this yet but the bristles are very soft and it doesn't shed. I think it'll be perfect for applying highlight to the cheekbones. 

This was a full sized product which always deserves a thumbs up! The packaging is beautiful and very sleek. Unfortunately it doesn't apply super black to the lash line. But if you go over it a second time, it becomes very opaque. 

Rollerball perfumes are my absolute favorite. They're perfect for travel or throwing them in your purse, plus the scent lasts a lot longer. This is a very sweet, yet musky scent. It's great for the holidays.

The winner this month has to go to Ipsy. Sephora had some great products but I already own a couple of them and I didn't end up liking the perfume. I loved every product I got from Ipsy and it's all things I'll use.

Lexi Rachelle

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