Thursday, December 15, 2016

6 Winter Nail Polishes

Winter nail polishes are probably my favorite to wear. You can have really deep beautiful colors but also light, pastel colors as well. These are six of my go to colors that I'll pretty much be living in this winter.

This is a super shiny black shade that goes with every look.

Just because it's wintertime, that doesn't mean you can only wear dark nail polish. This light pink shade is perfect for taking a break from all the dark colors.

Of course there needs to be a classic red in the bunch. This one is extremely affordable and lasts for quite a while on my nails. I have an OPI that looks very similar but it chips the same day you put it on. Sometimes price doesn't give you better quality.

NICOLE BY OPI in On A Gilt Trip
Everyone needs a gold color for the Christmas time. I particularly love this one because it's a very subtle glitter polish and it applies very opaque. I find that most glitter polishes are chunky and are mixed in with a clear polish. This one is a gold with flecks of gold glitter, absolutely perfect for the holidays.

I love gray toned blues for the winter time. It's the perfect way to get a little bit of color on your nails without it being over the top. Plus it matches with so many different outfit!

I'm obsessed with wearing greens during the winter. This shade is so crazy. In the bottle it looks like a dark blue with flecks of gold but once applied to the nails it becomes a metallic hunter green. 

Lexi Rachelle

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