Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life - Thoughts and Opinions

I was originally going to post a Black Friday haul today but I ordered most things online and they'll be arriving later this week, so that won't go up until next Tuesday probably. So instead I decided to do a little review type thing of the Gilmore Girls Revival.

I've been counting down the days for this to air on Netflix for months now and when it finally released on Friday, I was kinda nervous to watch it. I've loved Gilmore Girls ever since I was a kid and even though I didn't like how the series ended, I didn't want them to ruin the image I had of the show. Unfortunately, I was right to be nervous. 

There were four 90 minute episodes, each one titled after the season and each got worse and worse. About 80% of the show was a complete waste of time. The characters didn't progress, you didn't learn new information and it was just pointless time filler.

I'm team Logan all the way and they not only destroyed their relationship but completed changed their characters. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of Logan because of him being a rich, spoiled kid. Yes, in the beginning he was a complete jerk and didn't treat Rory well but she knew what she was getting into. But he changed! He grew up, he committed himself to her and he pushed her to be her best self. I mean, he proposed to her in the finale for crying out loud! Rory was a brilliant book worm that usually kept to herself, but Logan pushed her to try new things, to be adventurous and to not be so quick to judge. 

But what did they do in the revival? Logan was living in London, engaged to some French woman, and having an ongoing affair with Rory. Are you serious? First off, did Rory not learn anything from destroying Dean and Lindsey's marriage? I seriously don't think she'd be stupid enough to do something like that again. Second, it's like they completely disregarded Logan's progress as a character in the last season and a half of the original show. I honestly don't think he would do something so horrible to his fiance and Rory.

And then the last four words! It's probably the worst ending the show could've had. I understand they brought it around full circle with Rory getting knocked up by a rich boy and being on her own, but seriously? Lorelai went through all that trouble raising Rory so she wouldn't have to go through the same struggles she did. Yes, Rory isn't 16 but she's in no way ready for a child. She doesn't even have a job! Like what in the world were the writers thinking. I'm still so upset about it. I would way rather take the series finale over this train wreck of a revival. 

The only good parts about it was Luke and Lorelai and the progression of Emily after Richard's death. Luke and Lorelai are perfect as always and I'm really happy they decided to finally get married. I also really enjoyed seeing Lorelai and Emily work past their differences and put the past behind them. I was weirded out that Emily sold her house and became a Whale enthusiast though. I also loved the idea of Rory writing a book titled Gilmore Girls. I feel like it's a really special moment for not only Rory and Lorelai, but also for us as an audiance.

I understand that real life doesn't have perfect, happy endings but tv shows aren't real life. I didn't watch the revival hoping the characters would become more messed up than when I started watching. I watch tv to get away from the troubles of life and want something that has a happily ever after. Not a 'I'm broke, jobless, boyfriendless, homeless and now I'm pregnant by a man who's engaged to another woman.' 

Seriously Netflix. You really let me down.

Lexi Rachelle

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