Thursday, September 22, 2016

17 Fall Date Ideas

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It's officially fall time now and what better way to kick off the season than by 
coming up with a bunch of fall date ideas!

Bike to Farmer's Market-
Such a simple date that gets the two of you outside! Think of all the fun you'll have riding your bike to the market and than walking around hand in hand with your other half. Plus you could get some delicious fresh fruit to share!

Go to a Bonfire-
If you're in college, it shouldn't be hard to locate a bonfire. They practically happen every weekend during the fall time! It's completely free and you get to snuggle up to one another in the cold.

Attend a Football Game & Tailgate-
This is a must do during the fall! Whether it's a high school or college game, it'll be loads of fun cheering on your team!

Make S'mores-
S'mores are good year round but there's something about that crisp air that makes them extra special.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch-
There's just something about going to a pumpkin patch that gets you into the fall and Halloween spirit. It's so much fun finding the perfect pumpkin!

Go to a Corn Maze-
Corn mazes were huge where I grew up and for all the right reasons! Not only are they so much fun, but you also get to hold your special someone's hand all night long.

Go on a Hike While the Leaves are Changing-
My favorite time to go on a hike is during the fall. The leaves are so many beautiful colors and the cold, crisp air feels amazing. Who likes to go hiking when it's blazing hot outside? Not this girl.

Watch Halloween Movies With Kettle Corn-
Halloween movies and kettle corn just go hand in hand. They're the best combination for the fall time and a super fun and cheap date!

Make Pumpkin Bread-
Pumpkin bread is so delicious! It just screams fall time.

Play in the Leaves
Everyone's yard gets covered in leaves during the fall and why not put those leaves to good use. Rake up a big pile and jump in them!

Go Apple Picking
Apples are so good and who doesn't love going to a cute orchard and picking your own, fresh apples.

Carve Pumpkins
This is a must and a pretty obvious date idea. But you can't resist carving a scary (or cute) pumpkin face!

Go to a Haunted House
The month of October is all about doing scary things, so check out your local haunted house! It's the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your man.

Bake Cookies
Cookies are amazing all year round but there's just something special about baking during the fall time.

Hot Chocolate Run
Head to your nearest 7/11 and get a delicious cup of hot chocolate! It's a super simple and cheap date.

Go on a Hayride
Hayrides are so much fun to go on and can be either a really romantic date or just a silly fun one!

Toast Pumpkin Seeds
After you're done carving your pumpkins, keep the seeds and toast them afterwards! It's the perfect snack to get you into the Halloween spirit.

There you have it! SEVENTEEN amazing date ideas during the fall time. Let me know down in the comments what your favorite one was!

Lexi Rachelle

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