Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Best Of: Dry Shampoo

I'm a huge believer of dry shampoos. My hair gets greasy after one day and without dry shampoos I'd be wasting so much time washing my hair. Not only are they great for giving your hair a refresher, they also give flat hair lots of volume. 

I am so picky about which dry shampoos I use and I hate wasting my time and money on something that doesn't work. To save you the heartache, I've put together a list of some drugstore and high end options that work great!


Dove dry shampoos have been known to work wonders without breaking the bank. I was lucky to receive this complementary of Influenster to test out. This product makes your hair look like it was freshly washed and has a very fresh scent.

This is my favorite dry shampoo. It comes in so many different scents and they also make tinted dry shampoos to help with outgrown roots. Not only does it make your hair look clean, it makes it feel clean. Your hair feels and smells amazing all day long.

High End:

It smells so good! I seriously can't get over how good it smells. It's a very long lasting scent and it doesn't leave a white residue in your hair after it's been massaged in. It keeps it looking great and gives so much volume! Definitely worth the money.

This is a well known cult classic that everyone raves about. It's always a good feeling when something everyone loves is actually amazing! This product completely soaks up all the oils and keeps your hair clean all day. It literally feels like you just washed your hair. It's a steep price but it's honestly such an amazing product.

These are my favorite dry shampoos and they all work wonders. You seriously need to try these products out and see for yourself how amazing they are.

Lexi Rachelle

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