Tuesday, June 21, 2016

20 Summer Date Ideas

Source: Danni and Nick of Oh Hello Friend

In honor of yesterday being the first official day of summer I decided to make a list of 
20 date ideas that you definitely need to try.

1. At Home Drive in Movie- Pack your trunk full of blankets and pillows, drive to your favorite spot and watch a movie on your laptop. This is one of mine and Nathan's favorite summer activity! He is so big on going into the mountains so we always bring so many blankets and climb into the bed of his truck to watch our favorite movies. Last time we even put a mattress in the back and it was fantastic!

2. Backyard Camping- If you're dying to get out of the apartment but aren't able to get time off work, then backyard camping is just for you! Set up your tent, grab your sleeping bags and cook a campfire dinner (or foil dinners in your oven). It's the perfect last minute getaway.

3. Make a Summer Bucket List- Sit down with your other half and make that summer bucket list you've always wanted to do. Not only does it give you something to do together right now, it gives you plenty ideas for later!

4. Have a Pool Party- Whether it's in your backyard, at the city pool or a near by lake, everyone loves a soak in the water. What better way to cool off on those hot summer days?

5. Explore a New Park- On days when you want to get out of the apartment but don't want to spend money, exploring a new park in your town is a great option. It might even become your new special place.

6. Zoo Date- Go to your local zoo and spend the day looking at all the cute animals. It's the perfect time to act like a kid again and show off your playful side.

7. Start a Water Fight- Everyone loves a good water fight and what better time to do it than in the middle of summer? It's so much fun acting like a kid and getting your man soaked.

8. Backyard Picnic- Have a picnic in your backyard or the local park. It's a nice excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to pack a frisbee or badminton to keep you entertained!

9. Explore a New Trail- Find a new hiking trail to explore together. It's a good source of exercise plus you get to see the great outdoors.

10. Become a Tourist in Your Own Town- No need to leave town to find something exciting to do! Find all the hidden gems in your town and visit them as if you were tourists. You'll look at your home in a whole new light!

11. Garage Sale Hopping- Spend a Saturday going to garage sales looking for hidden treasures. You'll never know what you'll find! For even more fun, make a scavenger hunt list of items to find and the first one to find all items gets a prize!

12. Star Gazing- One of my absolute favorite dates is going into the mountains, away from all the city lights, and just looking at the stars. Make sure to pack blankets just in case it gets chilly at night!

13. Nerf War- Have a nerf war in your backyard or local park. Super simple date that will have you laughing in no time.

14. Campfire Date- Head into the mountains or to a campground to have a cozy night by the campfire. Roast hot dogs for dinner and end with smores. Who could go wrong with that?

15. Dollar Tree Date- Searching your local Dollar Tree for activities is not only fun but also cheap! There's always so much to choose from and you'll spend hours laughing as you go through each isle.

16. App and Dessert- Go to a restaurant and just order an appetizer to share, then head to another one to share a dessert. It's a fun way to try different places without breaking the bank.

17. Cool Off With a Snow Cone- My favorite summer treat are snow cones! They're such a great way to cool off and get a yummy snack. You can either make one at home or head to a snow shack!

18. Food Truck Date- Try a new food truck that's in your town. It'll be a new experience and it might even end up being your favorite hole-in-the-wall place!

19. Sidewalk Chalk Masterpiece- Find a picture online you'd like to recreate on the sidewalk and work together to bring it to life.

20. Visit the Pet Store- I drag Nathan into pet stores all the time! It's so much fun looking at all cute (or strange) animals and talking about what you'd like to have one day.

There you go! 20 summer date ideas that you should try this summer! 
These are some of my absolute favorite dates to do and I'm sure you'll love them too!

Lexi Rachelle

What are some of your favorite summer dates?

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